Edinburgh – A Capital View

This Saturday I will be attending the first workshop at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre tied to their current A Capital View exhibition, featuring scenes, landscapes and portraits to do with Scotland’s capital.

The first workshop, that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, is described thus:

Experiment with unusual format landscape drawings and paper constructions in this class.Inspired by early views of Edinburgh, panoramas and dioramas, enjoy a day of experimenting with viewpoints to create intriguing cityscapes.

I am really looking forward to attending this, as all the past workshops I have attended there have been superb, pushing the boundaries of my art. Last summer’s Condé Nast workshops and associated workshops got me interested in seeing the art in fashion. Until then I had been totally blind to fashion as a source of inspiration. I now consider it a core part of my art interests, and have much that I want to explore in it.

Since these workshops are all related to Edinburgh’s cityscapes, I have dug up some past Edinburgh works that I’ve done. This is also a quick way to make up for the lack of art I’ve posted over the last 3 months while building work is still ongoing on our house. It’ll be finished soon fortunately!

From 2 years ago:

110715 1

110722 2

From last year, the start of an oil painting (this is just the base layer):

castle v1

From earlier this year, the view from my desk at work:

140321 view from desk


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