Drawing with words

In the last few weeks I have found it easier to do art outside the building-site of my house than inside. Close to zero drawings/paintings at home versus attending 2 workshops and 3 Drawing Room sessions.

Last month’s Drawing Room at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art was led by artist Catherine Street:

140612 drawing two collage

In keeping with the collage I produced in the session, I have done a collage of words about it, instead of my usual rambling. Okay, it is more like a poem than a collage, but then a visual collage could be considered like a type of visual poem, so I’m not bothered…

collage of words or pictures or both
I chose words

build imagery

build feeling

collective reading now
everyone’s words layered
layered words
layered sounds

my voice:
drawing comfort
drawing inspiration
drawing now
drawing date
two play
two inspire
two hearts
two lifetimes together


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