Fashion illustration, on hold

Back in January I outlined a course I wanted to put myself on, to start learning fashion illustration. I was inspired to do this following my interest in the art of fashion stemming from 4 fashion-related workshops I attended this time last year.

I had set out a 10 week schedule. Although I explored each work’s material a bit more fully than I had originally anticipated, I only managed to complete the first 4 weeks.

In that time, I learnt a lot of techniques that have already had a big impact on how I draw figures. I owe it to the excellent book I used – Advanced Fashion Drawing: Lifestyle Illustration. As a bonus, the author, Bil Donovan, picked up on the fact that I was blogging about his book and left me some helpful guidance and encouragement. I am grateful to him for his help.

Although I had to cut my course short, I will definitely come back to it. I greatly enjoyed learning how to draw fashion figures, and I expect I will be employing elements of the techniques I learnt in everything I do from now on.

These are my highlights from the course:

Jasmine Medda

fashion illustration wk02 practice 3

fashion illustration wk06 35b

fashion illustration wk05 34-2

140321 tania

140403 black shapes 2



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