Light and sound, drawing room bonus

This week there was a bonus Drawing Room session, following the regular monthly session last week. Emma Bowen, who led some previous sessions, led this session. We revisited the ideas featured in the session in March.

This session was quiet which gave me ample opportunity to try out lots of materials, media and styles. Normally I’m slow to start, but I pushed myself to jump straight in and try lots of things. This was very useful for me to experiment, to see what I enjoy and find interesting. I did the following within the 75 minutes. I will just do a very quick run through here without going into details.

Chalk on black sandpaper, reacting to the noise produced by the chalk: sharp sounds.

140717 02

Chalk on brown sandpaper, reacting to the noise produced by the chalk: softer sounds.

140717 01

Following the paths of light reflected from a spinning disco ball:

140717 03

Adding spots of colour to the above image (turned 180 degrees):

140717 04

A star in chalk on black sandpaper, because I like this combo:

140717 05

Reacting to some beats with charcoal:

140717 06

In the room was an exhibition of neon trees, amongst an artificial park-scape. I looked at a tree through light refracting goggles, and drew it:

140717 07b

140717 07d

140717 07c

140717 07

I finished by copying part of a lovely drawing made by a couple of people who dropped into the session.

140717 08

140717 09

These image might not be much to look at, but I personally found it useful to explore the various aspects of producing these.



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