This month’s Drawing Room at the Scottish National Gallery was led by artist Catherine Street. I’m not a fan of much modern art, but I do like what Catherine produces. I feel I can identify with her thinking behind her pieces.

Catherine led a session two months ago, where I did a word collage. In this session, we explored removal, either by blocking elements of an existing image, or by cutting elements out.

I produced 3 pieces, but I’m particularly pleased with this one so I’ll demote the other 2 to a separate post.

140814 drawing room 1

I found this great photo in one of the magazines supplied in the session. By blocking out the hands I think I’ve added to the mischievous nature of the original shot. It brings the women together in conspiracy. I cut out the background to add emphasis.

I like to name my pieces if possible, and was pleased to find a title – “Manipulated” – that works on 3 levels. I won’t spell them out here (unless someone asks).



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