YES to an independent Scotland

140903 yes

Scotland in 14 days will vote to separate from the rest of the UK.

Scotland in 50 years will have transformed into a dynamic Nordic nation, with a strong social democratic welfare system, befitting the outlook of many Scots.

I look forward to playing my part in this, and voting YES in the referendum to become independent. As an Englishman living in Scotland for a number of years, I observe a clear difference between the general attitudes in England (the south) and Scotland. Whilst I share the opinions more commonly observed down south, I strongly agree with the right to take full control of the decisions that affect the nation.

I believe separation will also have a positive effect on England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as people look to a new future with a renewed focus.

All of the opinion polls have pointed to maintaining the status quo, but the YES vote has been gradually creeping up, and now stands at 47% after excluding don’t knows. I am hoping that the desire to vote of those telling pollsters NO, is less strong than those saying YES.

Promisingly, the streets around Edinburgh are prominent with displays backing independence. For every NO banner in someone’s window or car, there are at least about 20 YES banners and stickers.

The signs look good, but unfortunately I expect NO to win.

edinburgh yes 1

edinburgh yes 2

edinburgh yes 3

edinburgh yes 4

edinburgh yes 5



  1. alexcellent2012

    Hi Tim, it will be interesting to see what happens. I learnt so much about Scotland when I was there in 1999. I just fell in love with the place. My grandmother’s great-grandfather came to Australia from Aberdeen in 1836, so I do have a (distant) family connection to Scotland and I really felt it when I was there.

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      It is lovely to hear from you Alex, and that you loved your time here! Did you come to Edinburgh?

      Things got interesting the weekend after I did this post. For the first time, Yes was higher than No in an opinion poll, triggering panic in the UK government! They cancelled regular government business so that the politicians could make a mass visit up here, and rushed through announcements that they would give Scotland more powers if the voters rejected independence. Trouble is… many people don’t believe their word. The parties couldn’t even agree which powers would be given so they only promised to set up a commission to review it.

      The vote is today! Polls are split 50-50. Exciting stuff!

      • alexcellent2012

        Hi Tim, yes, it was all very exciting! I wonder how that commission’s going now?I believe the Queen was very relieved. I did come to Edinborough when I visited Scotland – stayed in a backpackers overshadowed by Edinborough Castle and traveled around Scotland with “McBackpackers” – wish I could’ve spent more time there!

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