The Hanover Collection

I recently flew to Hanover for a business meeting, and drew the following five sketches while flying there and back, based on adverts and features in a paper I picked up.

This is my favourite of the drawings:
140911 hanover

I liked the quirkiness of the photo I drew this from – a shot of William S. Burroughs taken by Anton Corbijn in 1993.
140912 hanover - anton corbijn - william s burroughs

I didn’t capture this Calvin Klein Jeans advert very well – the proportions aren’t quite right and the face is best forgotten – but it is all good practice:
140912 hanover - calvin klein jeans

This New Look advert sketch was much better:
140910 hanover - new look

I think my final drawing came out reasonably well too. It is from Karl Lagerfeld’s supermarket style Chanel show at this year’s Paris Fashion Week:
140912 hanover - karl lagerfeld - paris fashion week

I am relatively satisfied with the little set of drawings that I made during the flights for this trip.



  1. katdesigner

    Tim, you have been busy! I was too, just not with the blog. ‘Though I have new post up. Hopefully I will get to do little more now. I hope you are well, enjoying your new kitchen. xx

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      and a *very* happy new year to you! I hope your 2015 will be filled with fun and great feelings of happiness.

      As you’ve seen, I haven’t been posting recently. My sketch challenge has performed a vanishing act. My art has receded into the shadows. There is a reason though. A great one… I’m going to become a dad! My wife is due a baby girl in May. She will be my best ever creation, I’m sure. I will be pursuing my art again as soon as I can, but I suspect it might be many, many months till I can do so.

      I hope it will be a great 2015 for both of us, on either side of the world 😀

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