About The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room is held at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh on the second Thursday each month. Each session is led by a different artist, and is usually based on the pieces being exhibited in the gallery.

I started attending The Drawing Room in May 2012, and have been to nearly all of the sessions since then. See all my posts.

130519 the love giverAlthough the session is called The Drawing Room, many different forms of creating art are practiced. In addition to drawing, I have cut stencils, created collages, and even made a sculpture.

On the left is an example of one of the works I produced. I can’t take credit for the beautiful photo. What I did was to cut out the girl’s top in the original image and stick the rest over a reflective red sheet – all supplied in the session. At home, I played with the reflection to obtain the pretty effect. Here is my post about this image.

To book a place (it is free!), contact the Scottish National Galleries Education Dept on 0131 624 6410 or via education@nationalgalleries.org.

If you learn about The Drawing Room from my blog, and decide to come along, please let me know!

I have greatly enjoyed every single session I’ve been to, and have learnt much from them. It is now a core part of my art studies as it gets me thinking about art from many different perspectives.

I am indebted to Sharon Quigley for running the sessions, and to the Scottish National Galleries for hosting them, and of course to all the artists who lead them.

See all my posts from The Drawing Room.

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