I started this blog in July 2012 as a place where I could discuss and consider my drawing and painting studies. I began in late 2010, enrolling in an adult education course, and have taken a course every term since then (except Spring 2014, where I am learning from books). I have supplemented this with monthly visits since May 2012 to the excellent Drawing Room Session run by Sharon Quigley.

Here are a selection of my favourite works that I’ve produced so far.

A couple of my favourite portraits, both in pencil, from this post and this post:

Brigitte Bardot
131208 beijing

My best pencil drawing, from Fraser Haston’s course:


An evocative pastel drawing, from Michael Mulready’s course:


My favourite charcoal drawing, done in a free session run by Rosie Lesso at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre:

121201 4

Watercolour has been difficult. Hopefully something will click one day, and the colours and brush control will start coming together. This watercolour is from David Forster’s course:


My first attempt at oil painting, from Malgorzata Kosek’s course:


Some more oil paintings from Priscilla Brightman’s course:


131104 tobermory

And my first commission, also in oil:

131424 tobermory

A charcoal drawing I did at a fashion-inspired class:

130805 after

In 2014, I took up learning how to do fashion illustration:

fashion illustration wk02 practice 3

140403 black shapes 2

fashion illustration wk04 33b

This is my joint favourite piece from the Drawing Room sessions run by Sharon Quigley at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. It is a modification of someone else’s work. The only part that is mine is the reflective red area, and the lighting effect I produced:

130519 the love giver

In February 2014, the above was joined by my new joint favourite from the Drawing Room, this fashion illustration inspired piece (the face wasn’t done by me, it is a photo cut out from a magazine):

reminiscent of a Japanese 12-layer robe

In 2014, I also challenged myself to do a sketch of something from around the world every 3 days. It was fun, but unfortunately I failed to complete it. Here is an example of one of my sketches, from my mum’s homeland in the Basque Country:


All of this is a long way off from my first step, the very first drawing I did in class as an adult in 2010, before receiving any tutorship:

100928 1

Posting my work to this blog has been very helpful as it forces me to give deeper consideration to what I’ve been doing. In writing some posts, I’ve also performed further research that I probably wouldn’t have done without a blog. It has also been extremely encouraging to receive comments from readers, and to get into discussions with them, and to explore their work too.

– Tim Hards Vicente, last updated 26th January 2015



    • timhards

      Hi Michael. I’m still exploring various techniques and subjects. I recently started on my 2nd oil class, and have yet to try acrylic. It’s been fun.

      I have now updated my Links page to point to your new blog. I will also leave a comment on your “Student’s work” page, with a link to the work I’ve done in your class, if that’s alright.

  1. Michael Mulready

    Of course its alright, great stuff Tim. Its really good to see what you’ve been up to and the range of work you have been doing so do keep me up to date. Thanks for your links and kind comments. Michael

  2. alexcellent2012

    Hi Tim, Thanks for the like on my post about beer truffles! I love that you have a blog to channel your art into – it’s great! I know what you mean about blogging giving you the opportunity to really explore what you’ve been doing. Love your work!

    • timhards

      Hi Alexandra! Thank you for taking a look at my blog – glad you like it! It’s been so useful to have this outlet as it encourages me to consider what I’m doing in greater depth. Before I started my blog, I’d only spend enough time after a lesson to consider how I did – but now I’m spending extra effort to research and explore what I’m doing. And it feels great to have the occasional person, such as yourself, drop by and leave a like or a comment! I’m sure you feel the same. BTW I found your blog via a comment you recently left on Lexa’s about page. I look forward to reading more from you on your blog!

      • alexcellent2012

        Thanks Tim, you too, I have just started following you. Just read your post on creating Precious Fashion Memories – love the use of the frame packaging to represent recycling of ideas in fashion – very postmodern. And loved the mixed media pieces. Over the previous school term I have been volunteering in my child’s classroom of five year olds, helping them on their mixed media works for the school art show, using a range of textures! I may even blog about that!… That’s good you found my blog from Lexa’s, thanks so much for checking it out and following!

  3. That Street Guy

    Hi Tim, great blog! I think it is fantastic that you are utilising all the adult education courses you can find. So many people just sit at home in front of the TV complaining about how boring their lives are. I can really see how your work has improved through each step of the course, great work. I look forward to seeing and reading more.

    • timhards

      Thanks Daniel. It has been quite an adventure exploring different styles, techniques, concepts and subjects. As you might have gathered, I’ve just recently (this summer) got into the area of fashion as inspiration for my art. That’s a whole a new world to explore! I’ll check out your photography more when I get a chance.

  4. evelenmargaret

    Hello Tim.
    I started following your blog which I find very inspiring. I love art and you have some very beautiful work here.
    I saw you by the Blog Party of Kate Bentley. I know it is almost one week ago, but there were so many intersting people to have a look at their blogs as well , that it took me some time to go through .

    • timhards

      Thank you so much for thinking of me when you were deciding who to nominate. I totally appreciate it! As this is the first nomination I’ve ever had, I’ve not had to think about it before, but I have decided not to participate in award acceptance/giving — although I am very grateful for your nomination 🙂 I will add a note to this page. Thanks again!

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