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Lexa: portrait in progress

I stress the in progress part of the post title. This is the continuation of the portrait I started in last week’s oil painting class.

I needn’t point out what needs work. I will be going over every part of this with new paint.

If you like this, you might want to get tested for colour blindness, or fix you computer/tablet/phone display. On second thoughts, I might be being a bit harsh – you might like false colour pictures – in which case, that’s what I was aiming for: Like away!


The painting course is now over. I will post a retrospective on the course after I’ve completed this portrait to my satisfaction.


Lexa: oil paint beginnings

Following the preparatory sketch I did of Lexa Shevchenko in my oil class, I began work on producing the oil paint version. It is less identifiable as Lexa than my drawing, but the key here was just to get the basic elements marked out. The grey paint I chose will be easy to go over with full colour in next week’s class.

131125 painting

I will be continuing this in the next class – the last one in the course. If I don’t complete it there, I will finish it at home.

For reference, here is the original photo.

Lexa: preparatory sketch

The last 2 lessons in Priscilla Brightman’s oil painting course will cover portraiture. I decided to try and paint a picture of Russian model, Lexa Shevchenko, whose blog I follow. I picked a photo that shows her unposed, as I think her beauty comes out even better when natural than in posed images.

I spent a large part of the first lesson on Monday producing a drawing, so that I could become familiar with the subject before delving into oils.

Lexa Shevchenko - drawing

It isn’t too bad, but the face looks a tiny bit fuller than it should, and the eyes are maybe slightly too large. However, it has served its purpose by giving me practice with the subject before committing to paint.

Later in the first lesson, I started the oil painting. I will post it separately, after I make a couple of small changes.

Ciudad desconocida, final version

In today’s oil lesson, I finished the painting of a Spanish city that I started last week. I concentrated on making the foreground much stronger, and hardly touched the background.


For comparison, this is how it looked last week:

131111There are just 2 more lessons left. We’ll be working on portraits, which is my weakest subject.


Ciudad desconocida

I painted this scene of an unknown Spanish city a few hours ago, in this week’s oil class. You can’t tell yet, but that’s a fountain filling the foreground, with a statue sitting on top of the blue block of water. I’ll work on it more next week.



UPDATE 13 Nov 13

I realise now that I might not have been clear why the location of this scene is unknown. I was attempting brevity shortly after taking the class, and might have taken it a tiny bit too far!

The tutor supplied us with a black-and-white copy of a photograph to work from, but she had no details of where it was. There was agreement that the architecture looked Spanish, and it looks to me that a Spanish flag flying over the central building. On closer inspection, I think I can also see a Catalonian flag flying next to it, but can’t be sure (it is slightly clearer in my copy than my photo below). If true, given the scale of the buildings around the plaza, this might be Barcelona.

Here is the source image I worked from. Please let me know if you recognise the location!

131111 source

Tobermory, complete

In today’s oil class (week 6 of 10), I finished the painting of Tobermory that I started last week. I added some details and contrast, and also extended the reflection in the water to hint at the buildings:

131104 tobermory

I am reasonably pleased with the result. Note that I chose not to add the hill that backs the buildings, and left the area blank, as I felt this accentuates the colourful row.

For comparison, this is how it looked at the end of last week’s class: