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Lucy 2

Almost 2 and half years since my last post. And this is the reason:




Last week, a new source of inspiration entered my life. My fantastic daughter was born.

Although I cannot afford any time to my art at the moment, there is no doubt Lucy will have an impact on my art once I do.

lucy 5 days old


I adore this Cecil Beaton photo of Paula Gellibrand. I like the composition and style. It is from 1928 but could be from any time in the future – that’s what I like the most about it.

I have been inspired by Cecil Beaton’s photos in the past.

My thanks go to Kitt Noir for bringing this to my attention via a retweet of @hillaryssteps.

Cecil Beaton - Paula Gellibrand, 1928

Going dormant

I started to learn to draw and paint 5 years ago. It has been a wonderful means to become acquainted with art from the inside, and it has allowed me to nurture my visual creative side.

On the day that I enter my 5th decade of life, I have decided to end my brief first stint at being an artist.

A number of factors have contributed to my decision to bring this period to an end. Primarily I haven’t been strong enough to juggle my art with the plethora of other activities that my life requires me to do.

I hope that one day, when life is more accommodating, I’ll be able to resurrect my artistic activities. This is why I’m going dormant rather then ending entirely. The plan I developed last year will still be actionable at any time of my life.

Although not practising, I shall continue to take an interest in the art of others, and I shall keep this blog open to occasionally comment on such.

Thank you all for your support, even by simply following my blog or liking one of my posts. Thank you.


I loved Utopia shown on Channel 4 last year, and so was very pleased to see a second series starting yesterday.

The story is great, and I love the imagery and sound of it.

I am posting some images from the first episode of the new series, because I find the whole thing quite inspiring in terms of visuals. These pictures do not do it justice at all, but I want to post them anyway.

utopia s02e01 title

utopia s02e01 pic 01

utopia s02e01 pic 02

utopia s02e01 pic 03

utopia s02e01 pic 04


Today I gained my 100th follower! I am really flattered to have so many people interested in my drawing and painting. Every like or comment left is a wonderful boost, and hugely appreciated. The discussions I’ve had with you have been immensely helpful in moving my art forward. I also appreciate those silent followers among you too – you help motivate me!

I would like to send each of you a kiss!


How I drew 100 kisses without counting them
When I created this image, I used the tools available to me to plot 100 x’s and have them automatically counted as I moved them around. For this, I used a PC with Microsoft Excel. You can do this too:

  1. Open a new Excel spreadsheet
  2. Reduce the width of all the columns to just fit the number 100 (you can alter the widths any time, just make them narrow)
  3. In the cell immediately above the bottom-left cell shown on the screen, enter a formula to sum all the values above it: enter “=sum(“, select all the cells above it, press Enter. It should be showing 0
  4. Copy and paste that cell to all of the other cells in that row on the screen so that the formula runs across the bottom of the page. They should all be showing 0
  5. In the bottom-left cell, enter a formula to sum all of the cells in the row that was just filled: enter “=sum(“, select that row, press Enter. It should be showing 0. This is the TOTAL COUNT CELL
  6. Now, enter 1’s in any of the empty cells to indicate where the x’s will go in your design. The TOTAL COUNT CELL will automatically display how many cells have been filled. You can even cut, copy and paste parts of the design to move them around.
  7. Finally, draw the 1’s onto paper as x’s or whatever other symbols takes your fancy!

The Great Unfinished

A week ago, I asked myself what was stopping me from reaching my full potential when it comes to exploring my artistic creativity. This resulted in some changes of perspective, and in some actions I could perform to correct my direction in life.

One of the challenges I put to myself was to consider why making art is essential to me. I realised that it would be most effective to give myself a visual reminder of all those things that I’d love to spend time exploring further. This is the action I wrote for this:

ACTION: Keep a portfolio of items that I would like to explore further. I shall call this The Unfinished, and it will be hosted as a page on my blog. It will include a mixture of partially completed items, and finished works that I’d like to expand on. It might also include some source items that I’d like to paint. The Unfinished will be forever changing, according to how my interests develop. By looking at it regularly, I expect it will remind me of how much I want to do, and of how much I’ve enjoyed of the journey so far.

A week later – on my birthday – I can now unveil that portfolio. I have given it a grander name, a name filled greater aspiration: The Great Unfinished!

You can find it on the blog menu, or directly here.