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Edinburgh Castle in ink

140524 castle in ink

Here’s my “lost” work of art – a piece I drew at the City Art Centre 4 years ago but neglected to post here.

This was the only time I’ve drawn in ink. I enjoyed how it flowed, and remember thinking how I’d like to use it again. That’s still true.

I drew it on 24/5/14, in a free session connected to the centre’s A Capital View exhibition.


Woman 2

160106 woman 2

The yellow mark was stronger than intended. I meant it to be a hint of something in the void…

This was another quick piece, 5 mins.

Woman 1

151230 woman 1.jpg

Art is calling me back. I’ve been away for the last 7 months raising my beautiful, delightful girl, but the longing for art never goes.

I spent a wonderful 10 minutes yesterday putting some colour down.

The Hanover Collection

I recently flew to Hanover for a business meeting, and drew the following five sketches while flying there and back, based on adverts and features in a paper I picked up.

This is my favourite of the drawings:
140911 hanover

I liked the quirkiness of the photo I drew this from – a shot of William S. Burroughs taken by Anton Corbijn in 1993.
140912 hanover - anton corbijn - william s burroughs

I didn’t capture this Calvin Klein Jeans advert very well – the proportions aren’t quite right and the face is best forgotten – but it is all good practice:
140912 hanover - calvin klein jeans

This New Look advert sketch was much better:
140910 hanover - new look

I think my final drawing came out reasonably well too. It is from Karl Lagerfeld’s supermarket style Chanel show at this year’s Paris Fashion Week:
140912 hanover - karl lagerfeld - paris fashion week

I am relatively satisfied with the little set of drawings that I made during the flights for this trip.

YES to an independent Scotland

140903 yes

Scotland in 14 days will vote to separate from the rest of the UK.

Scotland in 50 years will have transformed into a dynamic Nordic nation, with a strong social democratic welfare system, befitting the outlook of many Scots.

I look forward to playing my part in this, and voting YES in the referendum to become independent. As an Englishman living in Scotland for a number of years, I observe a clear difference between the general attitudes in England (the south) and Scotland. Whilst I share the opinions more commonly observed down south, I strongly agree with the right to take full control of the decisions that affect the nation.

I believe separation will also have a positive effect on England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as people look to a new future with a renewed focus.

All of the opinion polls have pointed to maintaining the status quo, but the YES vote has been gradually creeping up, and now stands at 47% after excluding don’t knows. I am hoping that the desire to vote of those telling pollsters NO, is less strong than those saying YES.

Promisingly, the streets around Edinburgh are prominent with displays backing independence. For every NO banner in someone’s window or car, there are at least about 20 YES banners and stickers.

The signs look good, but unfortunately I expect NO to win.

edinburgh yes 1

edinburgh yes 2

edinburgh yes 3

edinburgh yes 4

edinburgh yes 5


I had a little burst of posts 4 weeks ago, but dropped back into posting nothing as I’ve been too preoccupied with non-art matters unfortunately. Hopefully I will be starting to get back on track in a couple of months from now.

I have been doing the odd fashion illustration sketch on the bus though, trying things out. Not many, but some:

140813-figure-5 140813-figure-4 140813-figure-2
140813-figure-3 140813-figure-1 140813-figure-6

They aren’t that good, but at least they provided a tiny bit of practice to avoid going completely rusty.