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Tim Hards


  1. Margaret Findlay

    Hi Tim

    I shared your page about our exhibition on the CAC page – hope you don’t mind. Let us know if you enjoy them!

  2. Bil Donovan


    I am following your progress, although it is not ideal to always have a model it is quite different to draw from a photograph than from life. I would suggest that you enlist a friend or draw from an live object. Looking Good.
    Bil Donovan

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Hi Bil! What a surprise! Thank you so much – your lifestyle illustration book has been excellent. I really like how your lessons and exercises are constructed. In next to no time it has altered how I see figures, and how I think about portraying them. Fantastic! It has given me a lot of confidence in drawing them.

      I have done a very small amount of life drawing, and appreciate the difference it makes having a life model. It would be especially interesting to see how it would be using the techniques you’ve taught.

      Many thanks for your interest in my progress – it was totally unexpected to hear from you. Very encouraging!

  3. Anna

    Hi Tim,

    You might be interested in our free workshop at Edinburgh College of Art as part of the Festival of Museums weekend. There will be a talk on the history of teaching at the school, featuring iconic works in the ECA Collection and items from the ECA Archive, led by ECA Archivist Rachel Hosker. There will then be an opportunity to create your own pieces of work inspired by what you’ve heard, with ECA Lecturer Joan Smith on standby to provide drawing tips.

    More information can be found here:

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