The Hanover Collection

I recently flew to Hanover for a business meeting, and drew the following five sketches while flying there and back, based on adverts and features in a paper I picked up.

This is my favourite of the drawings:
140911 hanover

I liked the quirkiness of the photo I drew this from – a shot of William S. Burroughs taken by Anton Corbijn in 1993.
140912 hanover - anton corbijn - william s burroughs

I didn’t capture this Calvin Klein Jeans advert very well – the proportions aren’t quite right and the face is best forgotten – but it is all good practice:
140912 hanover - calvin klein jeans

This New Look advert sketch was much better:
140910 hanover - new look

I think my final drawing came out reasonably well too. It is from Karl Lagerfeld’s supermarket style Chanel show at this year’s Paris Fashion Week:
140912 hanover - karl lagerfeld - paris fashion week

I am relatively satisfied with the little set of drawings that I made during the flights for this trip.


YES to an independent Scotland

140903 yes

Scotland in 14 days will vote to separate from the rest of the UK.

Scotland in 50 years will have transformed into a dynamic Nordic nation, with a strong social democratic welfare system, befitting the outlook of many Scots.

I look forward to playing my part in this, and voting YES in the referendum to become independent. As an Englishman living in Scotland for a number of years, I observe a clear difference between the general attitudes in England (the south) and Scotland. Whilst I share the opinions more commonly observed down south, I strongly agree with the right to take full control of the decisions that affect the nation.

I believe separation will also have a positive effect on England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as people look to a new future with a renewed focus.

All of the opinion polls have pointed to maintaining the status quo, but the YES vote has been gradually creeping up, and now stands at 47% after excluding don’t knows. I am hoping that the desire to vote of those telling pollsters NO, is less strong than those saying YES.

Promisingly, the streets around Edinburgh are prominent with displays backing independence. For every NO banner in someone’s window or car, there are at least about 20 YES banners and stickers.

The signs look good, but unfortunately I expect NO to win.

edinburgh yes 1

edinburgh yes 2

edinburgh yes 3

edinburgh yes 4

edinburgh yes 5

Sketches for 2014, number 33 — Gothic eagle

Location: Tierra de Barros, Spain
This is my digitally-enhanced drawing of a 6th century eagle-shaped fibula, found in a Visigoth grave in Spain – although now held in the US.

140902 goth eagle coloured

I created the above image from this pencil sketch I made today:

140902 goth eagle

To create the digital version, I applied an edge detection filter to the drawing, and then applied fills using muted colours.

My sketch debt
I owe so many sketches for the year so far. Next in line is/was:
Sketch 34: Saturday 12th April

This post is part of a series of sketches for 2014 that I will be posting every 3rd day. I will draw people and things from around the world that I find beautiful or interesting. The series will end on 29th December 2014 with post number 121.


These are the other images I created in last week’s Drawing Room led by Catherine Street.

I posted my first and favourite piece yesterday.

With this image, I removed the girls’ faces and hands by blocking out and cutting out respectively. I played with the reflective nature of  the surface to achieve the face variation. The lacey/network hands are a result of an underlying image I selected. It is an interesting visual result, but doesn’t have the thinking behind it that the piece I posted yesterday has.

140814 drawing room 2

I couldn’t let the hands go to waste.

140814 drawing room 3

So I used them in this image of knives – among the instruments that could’ve removed them:

140814 drawing room 4


This month’s Drawing Room at the Scottish National Gallery was led by artist Catherine Street. I’m not a fan of much modern art, but I do like what Catherine produces. I feel I can identify with her thinking behind her pieces.

Catherine led a session two months ago, where I did a word collage. In this session, we explored removal, either by blocking elements of an existing image, or by cutting elements out.

I produced 3 pieces, but I’m particularly pleased with this one so I’ll demote the other 2 to a separate post.

140814 drawing room 1

I found this great photo in one of the magazines supplied in the session. By blocking out the hands I think I’ve added to the mischievous nature of the original shot. It brings the women together in conspiracy. I cut out the background to add emphasis.

I like to name my pieces if possible, and was pleased to find a title – “Manipulated” – that works on 3 levels. I won’t spell them out here (unless someone asks).