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I had a little burst of posts 4 weeks ago, but dropped back into posting nothing as I’ve been too preoccupied with non-art matters unfortunately. Hopefully I will be starting to get back on track in a couple of months from now.

I have been doing the odd fashion illustration sketch on the bus though, trying things out. Not many, but some:

140813-figure-5 140813-figure-4 140813-figure-2
140813-figure-3 140813-figure-1 140813-figure-6

They aren’t that good, but at least they provided a tiny bit of practice to avoid going completely rusty.



I drew this imaginary girl on the bus last month. I employed some of the fashion illustration techniques I recently learnt on my little course: elongated limbs, contrasting points, and diagonal and vertical lines. I am pleased with how this looks for a quick sketch.

140612 punk

More quick on-the-bus fashion sketches

I’ve slipped a little on my regular 1-every-3-day sketches … and also on my fashion illustration lessons … but I have been making use of my short bus commute to work at least.

Here are some of the quick fashion illustration doodles I did on the bus today and last week.

140403-figure-1 140408-figure-1 140408-figure-3 140408-figure-2

Two quick fashion sketches

On the bus home from work, I sometimes do little sketches on folded-up bits of paper. Last week I decided to treat myself and splashed out £3 on a pack of A6 cards that I could use instead. Today were my first sketches using one of the cards from the pack: a couple of purely invented figures, exercising the fashion illustration techniques I’ve been learning.

The first illustration uses lines, as I’m more used to drawing lines than thinking in terms of shapes:

140401 figure 1

For the second sketch, I decided to have a go at drawing a figure as shapes, as I’ve been learning more recently:

140401 figure 2

I will try and grab more opportunities like this to exercise my drawing.