The Great Unfinished

The following items all share one thing: they all have something I want to work on.

Some have a technique I’m interested in improving, some have a subject matter or theme I would like to paint or do more of, and some are literally waiting for me to finish (or start). Most, but not all, of the following were created by me.

I will scroll through this page once or twice a week to remind me of all that is waiting for me to explore. Read about this here.


131208 beijing

Brigitte Bardot


Jasmine Medda

fashion illustration wk04 33b

Swiss Guard

130805 after

The Paradise 131124

130824 eye shadow on card

130824 lipstick and chalk on sandpaper

130519 the love giver

reminiscent of a Japanese 12-layer robe

131104 bonfire

tobermory - signed

131424 tobermory

130617 lake of ice

Nasty Trick

121201 4

110715 1






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